Some questions before installing OpenWrt on R7800

I really don't know this and I barely understand this reasoning, I think you meaning that you want that OpenWrt take directly the ip given from my isp? Forgive me if I'm not so expert. I only know that the isp modem is pretty "closed" is a modem/router by Vodafone, I only disabled all to give to R7800 the possibility to take the control over all.

Actually I'm on Gateway mode under dd-wrt, I never played with these settings

Correct -- that your Vodaphone-supplied device serves as a modem only, not as a NAT-ing router. For example, the cable modem I use can either "pass through" the DHCP to my router, or "take it and NAT".

The best I can do is to enable DMZ and use the Vodafone Station Revolution like a simple modem.

Some searching might reveal how to accomplish bridging, especially if you understand Italian (I can't confirm that these or other search results are more than setting up DMZ.)

@Jorman As you may be aware... Kong is experimenting with an openwrt build. Perhaps start here? There are dd-wrt users in this dd-wrt forum thread who can assist with the "transition."

Lol, in case was not clear, I'm Italian.

BTW, the second link is the exact configuration of mine. But like you can see I've no control over bridging.
The first one seems to be a different or old configuration but digging into isp modem configuration I noticed one option to activate a generic modem functionality. If I enable this, I think, I can specify more options like pppoe and so on.

Tell me about the idea, what if I can enable this pass through mode? How can helm me?

I see this and I also see that for R7800, here inside the forum, another guy do a release. I don't know what change from one to other.
I've to ask around.