Some problems with ddns-scripts

  1. After PPPoE dial-up is successful, pppoe-wan (WAN-6) and br-lan (LAN) both interfaces have IPv6 addresses. If the interface is not specified by default, which interface's IPv6 address is obtained?

  2. After adding these two parameters to specify the interface and IP source in option interface'lan' option ip_interface'br-lan' in the configuration file, after redialing via ifup wan, ddns IPv4 triggers the domain name IP update operation but ddns IPv6 does not trigger. what is the reason?

Try using interface names instead of device names:

These parameters are generated through the LUCI interface, not manually filled in

     option ip_source'interface'
     option interface'lan'
     option ip_interface'br-lan'

This configuration of the IPv6 address submitted by ddns is what I want, the problem is only when I use ifup wan to re-dial up PPPoE to obtain a new IPv6-PD, after br-lan is reconfigured according to IPv6-PD, he does not trigger the ddns update, I don’t know. what is the reason.

In addition, there is no wan6 interface in the system. After PPPoE dial-up is successful, IPv6-PD is obtained and a virtual DHCPv6 interface of wan_6 is generated.

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Check the file /etc/hotplug.d/iface/95-ddns

/etc/init.d/ddns enabled && /usr/lib/ddns/ -n "$INTERFACE" - start

Does he only trigger the DDNS script of the corresponding interface here, such as ifup wan, then the DDNS script that I bind to the br-lan interface will not be triggered, even if the br-lan interface address has been updated. If this is the case, is there a bug in the script?