Some problem with 802.11r

Hi there
I have some access point work with 802.1x peap and I need to use fast roaming with it I config it with 802.11r
But when i move from ap to other my phone stay connect for first ap I add

option mobility_domain 'e612' # for all my device
option ieee80211r '1'
option nasid 'swxx' # unique for each client 

Any problem with these config ??

In current OpenWrt option ieee80211r '1' is all you need ( mobility_domain and nasid are auto-filled, unless you explicitly want to configure those manually).

Nice note thank u , but do u have any idea why the roaming didnt work .

As you are not using psk authentication, you have to define more than only option ieee80211r '1'.
This works on psk only becaues every ap and client does use the same pre shared key.

On EAP with radius authentication, every client does use another secret and to get ieee80211r working you need to define also the key holder options...
So that on roaming the new ap gets it's needed info about the secret from the ap to which the client is currently connected.

I've some example config, but i have to look on my backup hdd first...

Here is a post on reddit that describes a lot more:

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From this I understand that the transision to another AP has not even started.

Note that the phone decides which AP to connect to and when to roam to another AP, possibly advised by the 802.11k and 802.11v protocols.

Once the phone has made the decision to roam, 802.11r makes that transition faster, especially in networks using 802.1x. However, 802.11r does not initiate the roaming.

nice sound , thank u if you have some examble config i wish to share it , my phone support and when i use wifi analyzer its give these info wpa2-eap+ft/eap-ccmp ess so i think my device support it . thank u for your helpful replay

so as you say i think the phone didnt transision to new AP but why as i know its very possible with 802.1x , do u think because i use Simultaneous-Use with value 1 in freeradius but i use gateway for dhcp server and use my AP just for bridging my gateway dhcp server ,
other things in my phone wifi analyzer apps show me these info for my ssid wich i enable ft for it
wpa2-eap+ft/eap-ccmp ess