Some options for luci-app-openvpn


Can someone add some options for luci-app-openvpn?

option fragment '1300'
option mssfix '1'
option tun_ipv6 '1'
option comp_lzo 'adaptive'
option route_method 'exe'
option ncp_disable '1'




And remove default Option:

option pkcs12 'my_client.p12'

I've found that using the built-in configuration generator has never resulted in a functional configuration for me.

It's far easier to generate a .ovpn file and then you can manually edit that file in LuCI if you need to make changes.

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There are no options


in LuCI, if i edit a .ovpn file and try to add this options.

Is there an extra option in LuCI or a LuCI app, which allows changes?

You should be able to go advanced > add ( on master anyway )

Most of the options you mention are supported there at least.

Manually changing things is difficult, because you have to edit both the web files ( lua is hard but these are on the easier side ) and the init.d parser.... very difficult.

If an option is genuinely new / needed.... posting a feature request on the relevant ( github packages? ) site should be accommodated.

luci-app-openvpn is friendly in that way on the front end.... it's the backend and testing where odd options can be troublesome to implement without feedback from many.

I second the suggestion to use straight .ovpn files..... especially in cases like yours..... but notifying the developers is beneficial also.

When I create openvpn client in LuCI, then I choose "Client Configuration for a routed multi-client VPN".

Then I open "Switch to advanced configuration" and there are not this options in tab Service, Networking, VPN and Cryptography, if I try to add.

That's why I opened this thread.

If an option is genuinely new / needed.... posting a feature request on the relevant ( github packages? ) site should be accommodated.

Thanks for the link.

I'm confused - there are no "options" because when you upload an ovpn file, you don't get provided options - you get provided a text editor that allows you to edit/add anything in the file.

This is if you uploaded an OVPN file using the "OVPN configuration file upload", not "Template based configuration". I have never successfully created a working configuration using the template based config approach. (I was trying to, for various reasons, create a tap VPN not tun, which could have been part of the issue.)

Adding ncp-disable was a matter of typing it in on a line in my ovpn file

Thanks for the feedback @Entropy512.

In my case, then using the "OVPN configuration file upload" and not "Template based configuration".

But I do not have the option "OVPN configuration file upload". I only have this Picture:

Did I flash a wrong firmware on Asus RT-AC56U?

I have the OpenWRT firmware 18.06.2 from here:

And downloaded from the link behind "Firmware OpenWrt Install URL".

Hmm... I wonder if the "OVPN configuration file upload" is only present in master and not 18.06 - it's been present in master for at least a month and a half, I've never run the 18.06 release

Someone commented that 19.something was recently branched into a release (release candidate?) branch, so that will probably have this new feature.

And where can I get this firmware "master" for Asus RT-AC56U? the usual caveats of master snapshots (luci not preinstalled, changing kernel module ABI, not widely tested) and your device in particular (broadcom softmac wlan, with very basic <= 54 MBit/s support) apply.

I have flashed snapshot firmware.

OpenVPN works great with the option "OVPN configuration file upload".

Now easy to configure.

Thank you all.