Some Networks on one WRT

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I'm not that familiar with networking, I'm more on the system administration side and now I play a little bit with the network not knowing if my idea could be functional.
I read the Topic "Two networks, one server" but this is also not hitting my issue. I read a few howto's and some more stuff but first, let me explain what I playing around.

I have a WRT32X WAN in from a Fritz!Box per DHCP on eth1 and LAN1 in on eth0 with some clients connected to an unmanaged switch and WiFi in on eth0 bridged with LAN1 and a GuestWiFi in
I configured the GuestWiFi with a howto: and it is functional.
So all my clients are in and the guest should be in what actually works.

Now my idea is to separate the clients, guest, servers and NAS in different networks. Means:
Clients + WiFi
GuestClients + GuestWiFi (not allowed to communicate with other networks and not accessible from other networks)
Server and NAS
TV + Radio + SmartHome
Neighbor (not allowed to communicate with other networks and not accessible from other networks)

I have the WRT, an unmanaged switch and a devolo with WiFi AP function.
What I have tryed so far is to make VLANs and do firewall rules, I bridged networks, I tryed to do a router on a stick, FW rules, flow control, NAT and forwarding and much more. Not one of them are functional.
My aim is to have the servers in separate network accessible from my clients, to separate guest and give the neighbor Internet without the possibility to access my clients and server.

Is this scenario realizable with OpenWRT or must I buy a managed switch. Then my consideration is how can I handle the WLAN with OpenWRT and a Devolo WiFi Accesspoint?
One point, I want to have the DHCP running in the to send the DHCP request with IPhelper adresses to the whole Network.

Many thanks for every respond and comment to this.

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With the unmanaged switch you cannot go very far. It should belong to only one network, as it cannot split the ports to different vlans.
One solution would be to leave the guest network without lan port. Then you'll have 4 lan ports, one for clients, servers, smarthome, and neighbor. Should you need more lan ports, you can connect one unmanaged switch on that port.

You can use it as an extender for the wifi of one of the networks.

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Hi trendy,

That's what I thought. I bought a new managed switch with enough ports. This should arrive in the next few days. Then I will play a little with VLAN and some other configurations and will have a look what I can realize with my little knowledge :wink:


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