Some Luci issues on current Master 20.005.37357-1cd0a44

Hi there,

it has been a while making my last master build for my NBG6817. I didn't find enough time to make the move from 4.14 to 4.19. Ipq806x/ath10-ct driver issues were a reason to delay the things also.

The last days I've adjusted my build settings to get a new working setup. But I have several issues with the Luci/Gui.

I've viewed the issue tracker already. But I didn't found similar issues. So I'm just asking if someone is facing similar issues. Cause I think my config is O. K. now and this are just bugs.

  • 1st load of Status/Overview Page takes a huge amount of time. A lot more than in 4.14 builds. After 1st load it's fast as usual.
  • Status/Firewall, Status/System Log, Status/Kernel Log are not loading/showing anything. Error Message: "Unable to load log data: Not Found"
    logread is installed and working on console.
  • System/Backup/Flash Firmware/Flash Image is not working.
    Error Message: "XHR request timed out"

Another issue I have is not Luci related but I'll ask here:

In older builds i was able to assign one IP to e. g. two MAC's in dnsmasq: MAC1 MAC2. Is this not possible anymore or do have to use different seperator?

If necessary I will upload my diff config.
Kind regards, pwned

Luci and several luci-apps had a problem a little over a week ago, but those should be solved. Check if you can reproduce them with a current master build.

Hey slh,

thx for leaving a comment. I thought there has changed sth. But I've overseen the move to JS for luci. I've made another build today. No luck. For me it looks like timing issues inside luci scripts. But maybe it's a browser issue. I'm running/testing only on Firefox. The transition to JS will take some time ... I will check back to luci.git from time to time.

You may have to clean your checkout, as different ABI versions might interfere. Or start with a fresh git clone.

Well, I made a completely fresh build today. No luck. Issues are still there. Beside the mentioned pages every luci releated stuff is running as it should. The router itself is running stable also. I don't know what's wrong ... I do not even modify or patch anything luci releated stuff.

My build is pretty straight forward. Nothing "special" just a bit stripping off stuff I don't need/want. The "only" things I do which are "unusual" are gcc9.x, glibc, binutils 2.3 and -o2. But that should not affect luci scripts? Or am I wrong? At least in the past I never had issues like that with this build setings. I'll make some extra builds tomorrow to find out if one of this four settings above is responsible for this issues.

There's been reports that rpcd is crashing with glibc and/or -O2.

Well, after reverting to standard build settings nothing changed. But I've found the error finally. I made a setting in my UCI default settings script.

set uhttpd.main.no_symlinks=1

Usually this value is not set or "0". In the past this was never an issue. I did this a long time ago for security reason. Because on a Webserver you usually don't want to follow any symlinks out of your root/www directory. Thanks for your hints and help slh & jow. :slight_smile:

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