Some issues with my TP-Link Archer Ax23 v1.2 (US)

Without fault, TP-Link numbers software revisions with a minor number, ie 1.0 and 1.2, 1.3 are the same hardware, but there might be software changes (e.g. flash layout). 2.0 is different hardware.

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After some testing, here's what I found:

Stock firmware - Download Speed is 20MBPS higher than Upload Speed (which is the normal)
OpenWRT firmware - Upload Speed is around 50 to 100MBPS (Flactuating) higher than the Download Speed.

If someone can help me figure this out. Just reply here, feel free to jump into this thread.

How do you test? Like OR?

I am using Ookla's Speedtest at for testing using my ISP's server (same server for every testing).

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Well it turns out that Ookla is the possible culprit. I was able to achieve 250MBPS Download Speed and a higher Upload Speed at some point using Ookla on the stock firmware.

I also tested using OpenSpeedTest local server and it seems like that Ookla is the possible culprit not OpenWRT. Will reflash back OpenWRT to my router to check if this true.

Well, issue solved! The culprit is Ookla Speedtest not OpenWRT.

You have honest provider that does not prioritize ookla :wink:

Sorry,but you said you will reflash openwrt? Did you go back to stock? A thread about the same router says it's impossible due to a broken version number on reverting to stock.

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