Some guidance needed to support mikrotik devices

Hi all,

This is my first post here. I have over 500 mikrotik devices on my WISP network. Most of the devices are hAP-Lite routers that i have flashed with LEDE, all working fine. I have some Groove-52hpn and map-2n devices which do not support LEDE out of the box. I have seen some patches for these devices but i dont know how to apply them. I have a build directory ready to go and have used make menuconfig/make kernel_menuconfig to get some tp-link devices working but they did not require paches. I read some stuff about copying patches to some directory and rebuilding but i get errors for the patch file, usually malformed patch errors. I am not asking for anyone to do it for me. I just want some guidance to what i should be looking out for.

Thanks in advance,