[SOLVED] Xiaomi router 3G : ip lost! [SOLVED]


I own a xiaomi router 3G.
I manage to install openwrt.
All was fine.
Then I wanted to change the settings : I want to use it like a repeater.

So I just changed the ip adress (in the web interface, connection : ip static
My main router is in

But yet nothing works, I can't reach my xiaomi router anymore !!!

I don't know what is its IP adress but does not respond !!!

I try to reset the router, but it's not reachable (on or nor

So I try to replug the usb stick with miwifi.ssh bin, try to reset, but nothing happen !!!

Has someone an idea ????

Thank you.

You should have stopped at the point that the new address didn't work.
If it is not some major problem, you can always sniff packets from the router to find the address. Even if there is no IPv4 configured, there will be link local IPv6.

Maybe it is not too late for that. Install wireshark on your PC, run it on the ethernet interface, connect the cable to the router and power it on. You should see some packets when the router boots and the network is enabled.

Ok I managed to retrieve the ip adress !!!
I just reboot my laptop !!
I don't know why the lan interface (on the laptop has crashed !!!!)

Thank you

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