Solved - XHR Request Timed Out - 21.02 & Snapshot

Continuing the discussion from Collectd rrdtool data corruption (warning due to system time change):

I have a WRT3200ACM.

When I use the fix (last post) noted in above for the Collectd/rrdtool data corruption I have due to the NTP process being after the Collectd process, it works great in the stable build 19.07.7 and prior builds.

I think the change to the file "/etc/init.d/collectd" causes a problem in LuCi that results in the error. Just a guess.

When I try the same in the today's Snapshot or the 21.02 build I get the "XHR Request Timed Out" message when I try and access the GUI "System - Start Up" page. A reboot will not fix the issue.

There are other symptom such as the power switch stays flashing but the firmware is fully booted and serving the network.

There are other such symptoms in other threads but as far as I can tell no solution, at least a solution I can see.

Is this a bug or am I doing somethin wrong?

I have reverted back to 19.07.7 and will try again this weekend with the Snapshot build when the family has less internet needs.

Tried from scratch again today and was careful to edit the collectd config file and then enable, starts, stop, restart in the "System - Startup" page and it seems to work OK now. I will keep an eye on it this weekend but it works for me now.

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