[solved] X86 builds maybe should include kmod-usb-hid?

Hey, just redid my router with LEDE 17.01 (previously running Ubuntu) - very happy with it so far. One thing that led to some confusion on my part was that the x86_64 build doesn't include kmod-usb-hid by default - this means my keyboard worked in the BIOS, and it worked in GRUB, but once the kernel came up it stopped working. I thought that it was locking up before I decided to poke at it over the network and realized that everything was fine except for the keyboard, and then it dawned on me a couple hours later to try looking for/installing USB HID modules. Now my keyboard works! I understand leaving this out on other platforms but I think for the generic x86 stuff it might make more sense to include it.

I feel you, most of modern hardware don't have ps2 ports anymore, I'll make a pull request if no one is making it before I do

I would love to see this included as well. Before I found this I thought my image wouldn't boot past a certain point. For now I'll probably have to figure out how to ssh into the computer and download the kmod files I need.

I made a PR