[Solved] WR1043NDv1 ART Partition

Hi anyone has ART partition backup for WR1043NDv1 router?
Mine got corrupted and I need to rewrite another copy

Hi there. I have a WR1043ND v1.8 with OpenWRT 14.07 installed. If you know how to get that ART partition off of it I can send it to you.

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Hello. Thanks for the quick response. I've just noticed that I've previously collected one of @gwlim's original ART dumps along the others (tl-wr1043nd.gwlim.bin). If this was from the same device, that would be a cool twist. :slight_smile:

As per the commit history, I've sourced it from here:

Yea I managed to scour some chinese forum and got the collection of uboot and updated it on my site.
But I tested they performed differently

Holy crap! You just pointed out the backup I did years ago and forgotten about it!.
Must be getting old.

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You're welcome. I should probably rename the project "The World ART Bank Foundation" :wink:

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