Solved: WOL device list

After installing WOL luci app I see bunch of MAC addresses and machine names that are available to wake up. One machine has two MAC addresses in that list for some strange reason and the etherwake config file does not have any machine entries. I checked the machine and one of the MAC address is wrong. Where does luci get it's information? How do I clean it up?

Most likely from dhcp hosts files and arp.

From ARP call. The most sure way to wake a particular machine is to enter its known LAN MAC with command in CLI:
/usr/bin/etherwake -D -i "br-lan" -b "xx:xx:xx:x:xx:xx"

Unless you have many of them or you need some kind of wake up call for all of them.
Configuration is kept in "/etc/config/etherwake" AFAIK

ARP makes sense. I have some static DHCP entries and they do show up in the drop down along with some devices that are not in that file. Interesting to see WLAN0 and br-lan MAC addresses in that list too.

But the one Machine showed two entries in luci drop down. One entry is correct from dhcp file, I am not sure where the other came from. MAC lookup did not associate it with any hardware manufacturer. With reboot, that entry is gone so I am sure what is happening now. My WOL works perfectly fine everytime, but I tried to wake up the wrong machine because it had the same name hence the question. I learned something new. Thanks @h8red & @trendy

/etc/config# cat etherwake
config 'etherwake' 'setup'
	# possible program paths
	option 'pathes' '/usr/bin/etherwake /usr/bin/ether-wake'
	# use sudo, defaults to off
	option 'sudo' 'off'
	# interface, defaults to 'eth0'
	# -i <ifname>
	option 'interface' ''
	# send wake-up packet to the broadcast address, defaults to off
	# -b
	option 'broadcast' 'off'

config 'target'
	# name for the target
	option 'name' 'example'
	# mac address to wake up
	option 'mac' '11:22:33:44:55:66'
	# password in hex without any delimiters
	option 'password' 'AABBCCDDEEFF'
	# wake up on system start, defaults to off
	option 'wakeonboot' 'off'

# To add a new target use:
#  uci add etherwake target
#  uci set etherwake.@target[-1].name=example
#  uci set etherwake.@target[-1].mac=11:22:33:44:55:66
#  uci set etherwake.@target[-1].password=AABBCCDDEEFF
#  uci set etherwake.@target[-1].wakeonboot=off

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