[SOLVED] WMM on Dumb AP and DSCP markings

I was wondering does all traffic on a Dumb AP with WMM enabled on the wireless interface travel in to the WMM queue? Both wired and wireless? The router the Dumb AP is attached to uses Cake with Diffserv4 and DSCP marking rules for certain IP addresses on the LAN in iptables. One of the higher priority devices (PS4) is attached to the Dumb AP via ethernet cable. Is that traffic flowing in to the WMM queue on the Dumb AP or does only wireless traffic go in to the WMM queue?

only traffic being sent out the wireless.

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Thank you for the reply and answer.

No problem. Traffic being sent via ethernet comes in on one switch port, gets processed in hardware by the switch and goes out the port where the destination device is connected without ever being seen by the AP's CPU itself.

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