[SOLVED] WL-WN532N2 images listed as external

Hello there!

I recently got a WaveLink router from a relative and realized the GUI sucks.

So, I decide to install OpenWrt on it.

However, there was no image for it, so I shelved the project as I had to do some other stuff. Now that I've come back to check on it, I can see that there is an image listing but it's listed as an 'external image' and that's as much information as it gives.

Can anyone help me with this?



This router is not supported by any official OpenWrt image. That is why you are not finding an image for it.

Thank you for replying,

Why is there an entry for it in the supported devices list then?

I could not find that. Can you post the link?

Nevermind, I had the wrong model. Sorry about that.

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