[Solved] Wireguard setup for newbie

Hi everyone,

I'm kinda new to setting up wireguard. All i've done was:

Server side configured in luci

Protocol: wireguard vpn
Private key: "private key generated from command"
Listen port: 51820
IP addresses:

Public key: "public generated from wireguard android app"
Allowes ips:
Route allowed ips: ticked/checked
Endpoint: "leave empty"
Listen: "leave empty"
Persistent keep alive: "leave empty"

Wireguard android app
Interface name: server
Public key: "public key generated from openwrt server"

Public key: "public key generated from openwrt server"
Allowed ips:, ::/0
Endpoint: "WAN public ip":51820

After i've done this setup, whenever i turn my wireguard app on in my phone, i'm loosing internet connection and no peer appears in wireguard status.

Also when i check port 51820 online it is closed even if i already opened tcp/udp in which is my router's LAN and in (wireguard ip address) and (wireguard interface)

You need to open this port on the WAN interface, not the internal ones.


Thanks! I removed the other ips and just leave my router's ip which is and its working now.

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