[SOLVED] WiFi Uplink Connection not working

On the router, run this:

wget -O - http://connectivitycheck.android.com

This is how Android devices confirm that they are connected to the Internet. The expected result is an Error 404. If any html text appears, you have a captive portal.


Ok, I don‘t know, why. But if I change the IP address to be assigned to the router in my dhcp server from 5.27 to something (anything not yet occupied) else, it‘s working.

There is no other device with this IP on the wifi (my APs list all connected devices), and the firewall on is off for these tests (and doesn‘t have any entry for 5.27 anyhow)...

I don’t understand, but obviously the issue must be somewhere else. I‘ll just use a different IP and let it rest.

A big THANK YOU to everybody who helped to analyze this.


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For anybody who wondered (if anybody), the root issue here was an error in the ARP tables of the gateway for the 27 IP. After fixing the ARP table, the openwrt router also worked with the 27 IP.

Thanks again to everybody who helped in digging into this. Very much appreciated!!!


Pretty weird though, as the gateway was issuing this IP from its DHCP server.
Unless you had some static arp entry forgotten there

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