[Solved]Wifi throughput dropped drastically after 2 days

Hy folks,

i already asked here because i cant got my mc7455 and ar9462 to work.
Now they work after activating the PCOEM support.

Now i have another problem.
After i installed and built everything the wifi worked like a charm for 2 days.
An then.
2 meters away from the router i get speedtest.net results about 1-4 mbits down and 12 mbits up.
But at these 2 days when it worked properly i had 45 mbits down and 12 mbits up..

Through ethernet i have fullspeed 50 mbit down and 15 up.

so the problem lies in the wifi module.

heat also cannot be a problem because my APU2C4 is Aircooled.

Why did my wifi card drop the speed.
Reboot doesnt solve the problem.

How to troubleshoot this now?

I already orderd a WLE900VX from China but there a 3 weeks left until it will be delivered.

Logs and iw would be the first step.

I’m assuming that air-cooling means a fan. Otherwise you may have heat problems with a wireless card’s heat dissipation

Yep i`ve 3D printed a new case to mount a fan (only the cover of it because the bottom part is needed for heat transfer).

which logs do you need to troubleshoot?

I have had similar with the apu2c.
Try re- seating the wireless card in the pci socket or put it in the second pci socket. Those cards tend to be temperamental in my experience.
I found it better to use ethernet connected access points as you get the signal where you want it and gave up on an internals with lossy pigtails etc
By the way, these boards don't need air cooling and are designed to conduct heat away through the bottom of the specially designed case and can be tucked away in closed cabinets along with servers and switch racks with no problem.
I guess it would not do any harm but not needed.

Theres no free slot left.
i have my mSata in the mSata Slot and the MC7455 in middle Slot because this slot is connected with the SIM Slot.
And then theres only one slot left where the mPCI Wifi card is seated.
already tried reseating the card.

To use a AccessPoint cant be the solution there has to be another way.

Re-seating the card is what I needed to do as a reboot/power cycle would have no effect. Then it would be good for a few days again - but then it got worse, failing completely eventually - so I replaced the card for the same to happen again.

I eventually went the access point route as:

  1. It worked and was 100% reliable
  2. It was more flexible than an internal card and had higher performance (depending on choice of AP)
  3. Perfect solution for external and or remote antennas with zero cable loss
  4. It was cheaper for a single radio