[solved] Wifi repeater with AC1750

Hi all
I installed sucessfully OpenWrt. (OpenWrt 18.06.1 r7258-5eb055306f / LuCI openwrt-18.06 branch (git-18.228.31946-f64b152))

I managed to connect to the existing wifi with this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD5RSA5S4eg&t=334s

Interface WWAN:
Protocol: DHCP client
Uptime: 0h 2m 42s
MAC: 70:4F:57:11:87:56
RX: 28.05 KB (176 Pkts.)
TX: 38.55 KB (317 Pkts.)

I configured a WLAN on 5Ghz:

Interface HOMEWLAN
Protocol: Static address
Uptime: 0h 3m 31s
MAC: 70:4F:57:11:87:55
RX: 0 B (0 Pkts.)
TX: 1.40 KB (11 Pkts.)

and for the LAN i have the following interface set up:

Protocol: Static address
Uptime: 0h 4m 17s
MAC: 70:4F:57:11:87:56
RX: 139.48 KB (1195 Pkts.)
TX: 161.31 KB (674 Pkts.)
IPv6: fd4d:885f:b8c5::1/60

I use as DNS on LAN and HOMEWLAN.

When I do ping in the diagnostics, the router has Internet connection thru WWAN. (and I can update the package list etc.)

When I connect to the router with a LAN-cable the pc tells me that the network connection has internet, but I cannot connect to any site or ping any internet address.

When I connect to the router with HOMEWLAN the pc does not have a internet connection.

I already installed relayd and tried to set it up, but did not succeed.

Can you help me?

As it's a video link that can't be "scanned" the way written instructions can be, please describe, at a high level, what network configuration you expected at the end, why you believe it should work, what you did, including what additional software you added.

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ok I will be more precise this time.

I'd like to use the router to expand the wlan in our school. (a temporary network that my students can connect to with their mobile devices)
We have a wifi with wpa2 enterprise authentification (like upc-Wifree in the video. I use this network at home to setup the router. When I can expand the wifree wlan, I think it is easy to change it to expand the schools wifi)
the router should bridge the schools wifi to a new wifi that has normal wpa2 authentification.

for the connection to a wpa2-enterprise network i installed wpa-supplicant.

I made screenshots of the configurations of each interface ...
because I cannot upload more than one image, i uploaded them to google drive:

do you need more info?

Your gonna need study my friend....

Read some material about what a router actually does.... what a wifi repeater actually does..... fundamentally..... your aim is to understand the LAYERS and FUNCTIONS of each interface in the setup.

For some hints.....

a) "the pc tells me that the network connection has internet, but I cannot connect to any site or ping any internet address" -> why? i do not see any photo's of your client's relevent parameter's when this occurs...

b) the last pic in your set of images has a couple of inconsistencies.

Learn basic network troubleshooting skills.... if only so you can ask the right question :wink:

you are right I do not have the knowledge of an network specialist. That's why I ask for help.
I thought there are users that would help me with that.
Is there a tutorial how to setup a wifi repeater?


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I managed to configure it today.

I connected to the existing wifi (as shown in the first post)

setup a new wifi access point on the second adapter with static ip and dhcp. In the interfaces physical settings tab of this new wifi i checked Bridge interfaces

I disabled the dhcp on the lan-interface.

now it brigdes the upc-wifree to a new wifi

I hope it will work with the schools wifi too.


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these are the settings that worked for me

2019-01-29_17h00_21 2019-01-29_17h00_46 2019-01-29_17h01_03 2019-01-29_17h01_36 2019-01-29_17h02_09 2019-01-29_17h02_23 2019-01-29_17h02_58 2019-01-29_17h03_10 2019-01-29_17h03_18 2019-01-29_17h03_40 2019-01-29_17h03_59 2019-01-29_17h04_11 2019-01-29_17h04_22 2019-01-29_17h05_21 2019-01-29_17h05_46 2019-01-29_17h06_18

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