[Solved] Wifi Extender (1 radio) with Master and Client SSID works, but remove the hotspot and the Master SSID is killed together

Hello all,
I have the following setup:

With a DAP-1325A1 with OpenWRT 23.05.3.

It worked great before the connection to the iphone hotspot was configured. I could connect to the raspberrys from the laptop, and start their services.

It works great now when the iPhone hotspot is configured and the iphone hotspot is active. I can connect from the laptop to the raspberrys, and command them to download from the internet.

However, when the iphone is away. The OpenWRT device should only remove the WWAN client interface, but it kills both the client and the Master AP at the same time.

I (and other people who dont have my iphone) would like to continue working without internet connection. Is this possible?

I have been able to do it with my other OpenWRT with 3 radios... but this DAP1325 just has the ideal physical size.

I believe that this device has only a single radio, so this is expected behavior.

There is a package called travelmate which will help here.


Thank you for your fast response :slight_smile: I will try tonight

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It works great :smiley:

Just what I needed.

It takes about 1 minute to transition from "hotspot present" to "hotspot absent" configuration, and its is mostly because of a delay of the raspberry to autoconnect. But it fist my needs!!!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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