[Solved] Why some MT7621 LEDs are not working?


I'm trying to make work LEDs on Strong 1200, MT7621 (https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/1473/files).

I miss two LEDs in OpenWrt firmware: WLAN2.4 and WLAN5.

Playing with the OEM firmware, I discovered a tool called gpio:

# gpio
Usage: gpio w - writing test (output)
       gpio r - reading test (input)
       gpio g (<gpio>)- reading gpio number (input)
       gpio i (<gpio>) - interrupt test for gpio number
       gpio l <gpio> <on> <off> <blinks> <rests> <times>
            - set led on <gpio>(0~24) on/off interval, no. of blinking/resting cycles, times of blinking

And a manual: http://bbs.hwrf.com.cn/downpcbe/Ralink_SDK3.4_User_Manual_DPA-612.pdf

I managed to get the WLAN5 led, GPIO 19. For WLAN2.4 didn't work this way.

When I change direction to input in the GPIO 19 (gpio g 19), it turns off. However, if I try to make it work from OpenWrt, nothing happen.

Why this happen?



Thanks to @mkresin for the tip.

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