[SOLVED] Why can't I manipulate theme colors?

Really stumped on this one...

I can edit anything, even move files in the www dir and /www/luci-static/ sub-dirs; changes have no affect.

As i'm also compiling from source as well; changes made to 'material' source also have no change...

I was just hoping to manipulate the color a bit and thought I could simply play with 'custom.css' for material...

Also, anyone know how to invert backgrounds and font color? I tried index.html but again...

You can edit themes, are you sure you were editing the correct files? Perhaps a browser caching issue?

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Thanks for this, will give it a go.

Don't know why material retains same color when the values have been edited though. Im using firefox with 'never remember history'

Try to refresh the page with F5 and Shift+F5.
Also use the Private Browsing Firefox window, just to be sure.


Thanks, yea.... bloody cache... such a noob mistake.:neutral_face:

Made a pretty dope theme in the end!

And here I was missing Darkmatter... All the while, this was in my grasp...

Really liking OpenWRT and all things linux!

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