[solved] What is 'wan' on my AP

Openwrt 23.05.0-rc3 r23389-5deed175a5
TP-Link TL-WR1043ND v3

I turned this device into an AP and it works perfectly .
But what is 'wan' at this point ?
There is no 'wan' interface .
There is no 'wan' device .
The port labeled 'wan' on the device is not currently a member of a vlan and is not in use . I use one of the 'lan' eth1.1 ports as back haul to the main router

The firewall zone 'lan' references 'wan' and there is a 'wan' zone which covers no networks .


Whatever you want as it is no longer relevant, i e. you can leave it be, or remove the related config parts, or combine with LAN, also check what the documentation tells about it.


I understand what to do or not do with the physical port . Its the firewall zone 'wan' that my question refers to

It doesn't really matter since you can remove all zones and disable the firewall service on a dumb AP.

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It's just leftover from the time when your device was a Router (openwrt default config).
You can delete it, or just leave it incase you ever plan on returning to other config.


I was added my router's "wan" port into my AP:

and, setup a function is that I could use the "wwan" port to connect the man router for the AP also.

Let me roll the question back a little . After getting the AP to work I started playing with a 'guest' network .I have it working and of course the firewall is back on .
So now I have a 'wan' zone referenced by the 'lan' zone (forward)

The 'wan' zone covers no networks so how does the traffic leave the box ?

The LAN zone allows LAN-to-LAN forwarding by default.