[Solved] What is override mac?

in linksys there is a option called
mac clone

is override mac the same?
or does it just change the router mac.

I wish to clone wan mac

kind reggards


That's exactly what "mac clone" and "mac override" would do... they would change the MAC of the router.

Are you using OpenWrt? And do you need to use this feature?


hi thanks for fast reply.
yes i use openwrt.
It's connected from modem to router
the router is openwrt

i changed mac on all devices in

I wanna change the wan mac.
I got false banned in a game, and i suspect they banned my modem
i figured they banning router mac, which i can change with override mac.
Atleast i hope so.

No, they wouldn't have any information about your modem. MAC addresses are L2, and are not visible on the internet (once the traffic is routed). All they can ban is the IP address (L3).

They also would not be able to identify the router's MAC. However, depending on your ISP and connection method, changing the MAC of your router may result in a change of the IP address issued by the ISP.

After changing the MAC, you may need to reboot the modem (specifically for cable ISPs and possibly several times) for the ISP to issue you an address against the new MAC.

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I install a anticheat client on my pc.
I think they ban router mac/arp table.
I just dont know what to change

Also my isp gave me 10 ips i can change between. it cost 3 euro to change one ip.
So i dont think my isp will give me new ip when i change.

on my modem it shows like this

No, this is not possible. They will only have IP address. There is no way to have any knowledge of your MAC (at a network level) unless they (the game/server people) are on the same L2 network as you (so they would have to be in the same subnet as your IP address).

There is the (unlikely but possible) situation where the game software actually reads your computer's MAC and then uses that as an identifier in the game. Less likely, but still plausible in this case would be for them to determine the MAC on the router facing the LAN -- as visible to your computer) as a method of uniquely identifying a player. If that's the case, you may have more challenges.

But at a pure network level, there is no way for a remote (routed) network connection to have any knowledge of your MAC addresses.


I install their anticheat and restart pc, so i think they got all info.
My question to you is
If i change the mac on all devices under network, interfaces, devices.
and buy a new ip, is there more they can ban me on?

Also why can't i see WAN under devices only the ones i sent in this screenshot

thanks so much for this support.

Again, they cannot get any MAC addresses at a network level. The only way they can get a MAC is if the software (as it runs locally on your computer) is reading that information and sending it to the game servers.

I don't know because it's not clear what they're really using to block you. If it is MAC address based, it must be one (or more) of the addresses visible to your computer and discoverable by the game software. So it could be the computer itself, or an ARP request to find the MAC of the router, or it could even be a broader survey of your network.

Or it could be some other code that is actually looking at stuff installed alongside the game and finding the 'anti-cheat' thing you've installed.

Assuming it is IP based, you should be able to change your IP from your ISP and you don't even need to change your MAC in that case, based on what you described with your ISP giving you different IP addresses for a small fee to change.

But I honestly don't know what methods may be employed for that game, so I think you'll have to reach out to the game support communities to learn more.


To be precise:

  • "MAC override" means use a different MAC address that configured on the hardware.
  • "MAC clone" means override the MAC address with the MAC address from another known device.

Anyway, is this related to OpenWrt at all...?

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it kinda is bcs its a feature in the openwrt.

What you saying is that mac override and mac clone is not the same
which another guy above said it was.

actually, @eduperez was being more precise than I was. They are very similar things, and I simplified. But the definition from @eduperez is better.

The point here is that we have established that OpenWrt can indeed override/clone MAC addresses, but the remaining issue is really not related to OpenWrt (i.e. how can you get your game working again -- we cannot know that because we don't know how the game is detecting your anti-cheat thing, and that is out of scope of OpenWrt).

Therefore, I believe your actual question/problem is now solved based on the actual title and first post, and the relevance to OpenWrt.

If your problem is solved, please consider marking this topic as [Solved]. See How to mark a topic as [Solved] for a short how-to.
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yes, is solved when i say this.

cpu override change hardware mac on the router and clone the mac of your router to the modem under devices.

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