[Solved] What exactly is the IPv6 Suffix in the Static Leases section?

Is it just the last 3 characters after the double-colon? E.g. 171, 223, 75a

If so, is this correct?

It lets you specify up to the last 8 characters i.e. ::abcd:1234


Ah, okay.
In the active leases section, it looks like there are two different IPv6 addresses. Which one do I need to use?

You can have multiple IPv6 addresses.
In your case the first one could be the ULA (private starting with fc or fd) address and the second one the GUA (public from your ISP). But as you can see the host part of both IPs for each host are the same, e.g ::171

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I see. Yeah, the second address starts with fd. So ::171, for example, is the suffix that I should put in the static lease section?

You don't really need to use some specific suffix, you can specify any unoccupied suffix.


I gotcha.
My thinking was to just copy and paste the automatically assigned IPv6 address, but I didn't know what to copy. But it makes sense that it can be any available suffix.

Thanks for the help!


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