(Solved) Wget returned 4 Error on OpenWrt Switch

Hey Community, I set up my second router as a switch, but I can't install new packages or update the package list despite being able to ping websites.

This is my setup:

The only things I did were:

  • changing the IP Adress of my routers to and (this is the router with the Error)
  • deleting the WAN and WAN6 interfaces on the switch
  • deactivating the DHCP Server on my switch


  • I put the Lan cable into the LAN Port of the switch
  • I can ping Websites on the my switch (I tried "ping")
  • when I connect my computer with the 192.168.02 switch I can access the Internet
  • I read the manual, but it didn't help me (the manual said I have to reconfigure my network and I couldn't figure out what to do)

Go to > interfaces [UPLINKEDINTERFACE]... and put in a DNS/GATEWAY ( which more than likely would be for both )

fyi you "pinged an ipaddress of a website" which does not test DNS.... so you had a gateway presumably... just no dns.... next time ping a name too, as there is a difference....

P.S> Thanks for the diagram.... it really helps....


Thanks, that fixed it :smiley:

For Everyone with the same problem, this is what you have to do:
when you are in the OpenWrt menu: go to Interfaces and then to LAN
for your first router the IPv4 address and the IPv4 gateway must be the same
for your second router you have to set the ip of your first router as the ip of the IPv4 gateway and the custom DNS server
You probably have to reboot both Routers after this (do this if you can't access any sites afterwards) Good Luck!


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