[SOLVED] Vpn frequently disconnecting


I've got a gl-ar150 LEDE with Reboot 17.01.4 that i use as as a bridge between an android phone and my home network. the only issue i'm having is that i have to use a vpn service with it which i run through the router. I use privatevpn and ipvanish and with both the vpn frequently disconnects. I use the openvpn client. Any idea what's going on? because i'm sort of clueless.


As a guess, with a 400 MHz MIPS processor and 64 MB of RAM trying to run crypto, what is the uptime after it reconnects?

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It lasts a couple of minutes and that's about it. Do you think its not up to the job then?

If you look at the output of

# uptime

and it's less than you expect, then the router is crashing. That would be the first thing I'd check.

Thanks I swapped out the router for a better one and it running lovely. Cheers.


How did you get openvpn working mate? What tutorial did you use?


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