SOLVED: VLANs in mixed setup (OpenWrt and Netgear)

Dear all,

I am stumbling over the VLAN setup in OpenWRT. Maybe, some expert might be able to help?

My devices:

  1. Netgear Switch (802.1q VLANs 1 and 2)
  2. OpenWRT Router TL-WR1043ND v3 (Yesterday's OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r18711; ALL Interfaces bridged, no firewall in use)
  3. Netgear Switch (802.1q VLANs 1 and 2)

Switch1 <---> OpenWRT <---> Switch2

The challenge:
VLAN 1 is 192.168.X.0/23
VLAN 2 is 192.168.A.0/24
One single Port on Netgear Switch 1 and one single Port on Netgear Switch 2 are supposed to belong to VLAN 2.
All other ports shall belong to VLAN 1.

My understanding so far:
The connections between the devices need to be tagged and belong to both VLAN 1 and 2.

What I haven't quite understood, yet:
How do I have to setup the OpenWRT device? (Keep in mind: All interfaces are bridged...)
Whenever I even touched the switch menu so far, I had to recover the device via Failsafe Mode, because it became inaccessible.

What I tried to do:
On the OpenWRT device, I tried to set CPU(eth0) and CPU(eth1) to "tagged" on both VLAN 1 and 2.
Additionally, I set both ports connecting the switches to "tagged".
Each end every attempt failed so far. Every time, only a recovery via Failsafe Mode would bring my device back.

Would any expert be so kind as to give me a hint, please?

I'm pretty much lost on my own.



As this was actually the first time for me to do some VLAN stuff, I am surprised how much I had to do to get this running.
A gorgeous help for me was this tutorial:

I will mark this request as "solved"

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