[Solved] VLAN confusion


I'm using a WNDR3800 with a guest wifi network without an issue. What I want is to add ports 1 & 2 of the switch to the guest network and ports 3&4 to the standard network. I think setting up a VLAN is the way to do this, although correct me if I'm wrong. The wiki page for my device shows that VLANs are supported, so I think this should be possible. My issue is that I cannot figure out how to do it via LUCI. Perhaps that is the problem. I'm okay at hacking config files manually, so that brings up two questions:

  1. Is my desired use-case possible with my hardware?
  2. Can it be done via LUCI, or do I need to look to do it via SSH?

You might start by reviewing the VLAN section of the LEDE User Guide...


Yeah, that is where I began. I'm assuming then this all must be done via terminal. I see no place in LUCI to concatenate the .1 and .2 to 'eth0' when looking at the physical settings for each interface. True?


When you create an Interface, it asks you "Cover the following interface." You simply type eth0.x into that area. The VLAN is then created. You then proceed to "Switch" to setup the access/trunk port(s).

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It can all be done in LuCI. If you set up the switch first, then go back to the network interfaces, the eth0.x VLANs should appear in the list under physical settings.

Log in to the router by wifi while doing this so you don't lose your connection.

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Thanks for the help gents. The part about the CPU and various articles describing the WAN port (which I didn't have in my config) had me very confused. I got it going - I think! For my WNDR3800, here was my switch settings for anyone who stumbles upon this. Switch ports 3&4 will be used soon...

Hansel VLAN config