[Solved] VGV7510KW22 (o2 6431) - enabling SMP

How has an image to be configured to get SMP enabled?

That's usually a kernel config.
make kernel_menuconfig in OpenWrt/LEDE

You just enable bump the number of CPUs.
But make sure the chip has more than 1.

If you need to search for it, hit slash ( / ) and search for NR_CPUS
Usually targets have SMP enabled if the board supports it.

It is now in snapshot and can controlled by bootargs in *.dts files
see: https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=blob;f=target/linux/lantiq/files-4.14/arch/mips/boot/dts/VGV7510KW22.dtsi;h=8f22380cc9a8329074d5de66a27b26a76501a06b;hb=HEAD
(I am not shure if it the right dts file in 4.14, or is it in 4.9 )
you must change from:

bootargs = "console=ttyLTQ0,115200 mem=62M vpe1_load_addr=0x83e00000 vpe1_mem=2M maxvpes=1 maxtcs=1 nosmp";


bootargs = "console=ttyLTQ0,115200";

And them Rebuild.
(is it possible to use the own bootargs by adding via serial console at start up ?)
Or it is possible to use the imagebuilder + SDK to rebuild the Kernel with new DTS
I have do it here for other modells

But note:VMMC (or VoIP will not work together with SMP)

Done and it seems to work. Now "cat /proc/cpuinfo" lists both cores. Tvheadend finally runs smoothly. Did modules for DSL and VOIP out of the configuration. Parameter "bootargs" is built into OpenWrt image (was not sure if there or U-Boot).

Which packages did you remove exactly (maybe a diff)?
I'm trying to get a modification into oWRT so that next to the two normal "noSMP+FXS" BRN and NOR images a third image gets created automatically that has "SMP+noFXP" (in NOR format) with the added bonus of not ignoring bootargs/cmdline defined in the u-boot environment (same thread).

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