[Solved] VDSL or another form of DSL?

How do I find out what kind of DSL I have? I'm with BT and the protocol is PPPoE. That's all I know. I've set up NAS and now I'm setting up SQM, but, I don't know what settings are necessary because I don't know what kind of DSL I have or how to find out? I'm trying to avoid being on hold for hours, the last time I phoned BT (for the PPPoE account details) they had no idea what I was talking about, put me through to another department for which I spent another age on hold, and then it sent me back to the main switchboard and I had to start again, so if there's an easier way of finding out, I'd love to know! Thanks :slight_smile:

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The speed would be a good clue. What is your line speed?

In the States my CenturyLink PPPoE uses ATM:

Wiki - DSL Technologies

Yes, post your contracted rates, ADSL tops out at < 25/5 Mbps, so anything considerably faster will be VDSL2, but you could follow the recipe at https://github.com/moeller0/ATM_overhead_detector/blob/master/ATM_overhead_detector.m and post the resulting images here for interpretation help whether it is an ATM/AAL5 carrier or not.

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Hi guys! Thanks for the info, yes I've been doing some research too and it's definitely not ADSL as I am getting ~32Gbps down and ~10Gbps up. So is this VDSL do you think?

I think BT operates ADSL, VDSL2, G.fast and FTTP (probably GPON). The bandwidth seems to rule out ADSL, all others shoiluld easily allow that. My guess is VDSL2, if you tell us the modem model we should be able to cobfirm this... (not 100% guaranteed, I thonk thete are rare VDSL2/G.fast combo modems).

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@moeller0 Hi! The modem is a DrayTek Vigor 130 :slight_smile:

That is an ADSL/VDSL2 combo modem, a rather common combination. Since your rate rules out ADSL, it must be VDSL2. Case closed?

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Thank you guys! Case closed!

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you probably meant to say 32 Mbps down on BT Superfast upto 36 Mbps 'Essential' or upto 50 Mbps 'Fibre 1' services over FTTC (VDSL2) with upload speeds upto 10 Mbps.

(I think ADSL has a maximum upload speed of 1.0 - 1.2 Mbps)
Edit: Upload speeds are for BT residential ADSL services.

That depends on the annex. Annex M allows for upload spead of up to 3 Mbps.

24/3 (and that 3 Mbps is for Annex M, so not the norm).

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That is why I put in the less then sign, I decided it not worth my time diving into the ITU standards for the precise numbers.
Thanks for the Annex M numbers. I seem to recall Annex J allowing a bit higher uploads (still short if 5Mbps) but that is just a hunch...

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@bill888 Yep meant Mbps, sorry.

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