[SOLVED] Using Lede as Router with ADSL modem on WAN


I'm a OpenWRT/Lede user by some year. This time I would like to change my home network configuration.
I would like to use Lede as main Router/Gateway/DNS server/DHCP server/DNS/WiFi AP using the network connectivity provided by my ADSL modem.
Of course i also need some to NAT from external (not fixed IP, given by my ADSL provider) to internal network.
My internal network is, and router/gateway/dns is

How have I to configure the ADSL modem and Lede in order to build a NAT enable solution?
I have not yet tryied, but I've read about ADSL bridge, double NAT or DMZ that could help me.
Any suggestion will be appriciated.

Thank you!

That mainly depends on the configuration options on your modem.If it's supported, use bridge mode, that way you can set up everything on your OpenWrt device. Depending on the way the bridge mode works, you will get your public IP address via PPPOE/A or DHCP on your OpenWrt gateway.
Double NAT usually causes a lot of problems, so I don't recommend using that.

You can of course ditch the ADSL modem of your ISP and buy one compatible with OpenWrt, that way you will have full control: https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_modem_supported
They are usually quite cheap if bought used, just make sure that the supported Annex matches the one of your ISP.


Thank you sebastian, I've done it today using a router in Bridge mode connected to the WAN of a Lede router.
All works.

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