[SOLVED] Using a WAC104 as acces point?

Hello to all, i'm a new user of Openwrt, i installed it in my Netgear WAC104 today without any problem.
Now i have a question, a noob question, i want to use this WAC104 as a simple acces point with my box.
My box is set with active dhcp, so i don't need it in Openwrt (i found the setting), but i steel have a problem, when i want to connect my phone to the wireless of the WAC104, it can't find the IP adress, i think i have a problem with the gateway setting in the "lan" settings.
My box IP is, in the "LAN" settings i set the gateway with this IP (, but it seems to me that the DHCP of the box does not pass, I am certainly making a mistake somewhere but I really discover this system.
I would like to understand, thank you for your help and sorry for my poor English.

Thank's a lot.


Thank you Frollic, i'll have a look and read this now.

I found my error, ooppsss !
I forgot to attach my wireless to the network interface :crazy_face:
Now all is OK, tank you again for this link :hugs: