[SOLVED] Use OpenWrt as dumb modem

I would like to configure my OpenWrt DSL modem to act as a media converter between DSL and Ethernet. At the moment I’ve created a bridge between dsl0.835 and eth0.835 but I can’t connect. I’ve configured the switch to have a tagged port.

What device are you using as a modem?

If it is a Lantiq based device running OpenWrt/LEDE, I think you probably want to configure a 'bridge' modem, for use with an external router

For example, see section 9.8 for how to configure a VDSL/ADSL bridge modem on HH5A for 'dsl0.101':

Well, it is a Lantiq.
And I am dumb, because I forgot to tag the VLAN traffic. Now it works.

Thanks @bill888 for your support!

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