[Solved] USB sharing archer C7

Good evening people

I am here to ask if there is a way to share USB as ftp like on original firmware on archer c7, I come to LEDE because this firmware is more customizable and I like it. Problem is that after hours of searching on forums I cannot find a way how to make my plugged USB share over ftp IP adress. On original tplink firmware its easy, but here I cannot find a package or some kind of How-To for a USB sharing outside WAN.

Please I am asking if somebody can provide me some information if this feature is possible on LEDE and how to do it by easy way.


Have you tried vsftpd? If not, the instructions at the link should get you started.

Thanks Mike for reply

I have succesfully installed vsftpd and ssh into config file but there is no settings related to shared path and username and password for a security reasons. Also on the openwrt website there is just how to install the package but nothing about configuration. :confused:

I don't use ftp and can't be of much help beyond pointing you to the package, but i found these instructions that you might try.

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Mike thank you for helping me your last link on instructions is just what I need.

Thank you once more and I wish you nice holidays and a New year ! :slight_smile:

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