[SOLVED] Upgrading Meraki MX60 to 22.03?

We see someone missed the point...

Actually, I have to wait due to the Meraki MX60...I get a flash warning; but I have no clue what I'm supposed to do...I don't see how forcing it could hurt much (due to the kind of flash/bootloader)...but I'm still concerned...

Or maybe I'm supposed to TFTP the factory to upgrade???

From what version... ?
(that may play a major role)

From 21 to 22.03-SNAPSHOT.

You are likely hitting this specific change for your router made after 21.02 but before 22.03, and getting the related warning...


OK, I originally made mine 10 MB when the original instructions said 7 MB...so I'm OK?

run owrt_load1


I don't have this in my original env (at the time it was LEDE something)...so...???

(I'm quite lost on what the information means...but I have 2 devices...so I'll just try the edits and flash...)

I have taken the time to understand what this means, applied it on my devices and updated the Wiki page accordingly: https://openwrt.org/toh/meraki/mx60#flashing

Version 22.03.0 is running successfully. Thanks.

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