[Solved] Upgrade Wireguard package

Hi everyone,

I have a WRT3200 ACM with David LEDE snapshot. Everything works fine. But Wireguard is not really up to date on his repository (20171221 and the last version is 20180202).

I have seen than there are the latest version on git.openwrt.org. I want to know how I can download it and installed in my router ?

I search for the OpenWRT repo but I didn't find them.

Thanks in advance for your answer !

opkg update
opkage upgrade kmod-wireguard luci-proto-wireguard wireguard wireguard-tools

Thank you for your answer but I already done that. The only packages available is from David repository and there are not updated.

Then you need ask him.

You can not install kernel packages to other firmware builds. They are build specific.

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