[Solved] Upgrade to new version - retain packages?

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I see 18.06.02 is available--great news, thanks guys. Now the question is if I upgrade, will, in theory, any packages that I have previously installed remain installed, or would upgrading mean that I reinstall and configure them again?

Basically I am using the router as DLNA server for an NTFS disk, so that involves USB, NTFS and miniDLNA related packages installing and configuration.


Given you installed packages not in the image, yes, you will have to reinstall them; but not reconfigure - as the config files should remain.

Make sure you manually create a backup of your configs before upgrade, just in case!



for some suggestions, including the method that master uses to get a list of installed packages and if they are ROM-based or "user installed".

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Thanks @lleachii, @jeff

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