SOLVED - Unmanaged Switch - Archer C7 V4


in our company we want to use a "old" unused TP-Link Archer C7 V4 to run it as a printserver for two zebra printers.

Maybe I'm just to stupid...

Following scenario:
I want to use the routers LAN also as a unmanaged switch, so I plugged the WAN into a switch in our network and now the LAN ports should work like a unmanaged switch (dhcp from our switch in our network).

I set WAN protocol to dhcp client. Now I thought I could connect via the given ip to the routers webinterface but this doesn't work. Pinging the router from a computer in the company network is working, I get response!

WAN is bridged to LAN (LAN interface is set to unmanaged).


Solved myself...
I plugged in the switch lan to the routers lan and its working, I don't need the wan ^^

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