[Solved] Unbrick TP-link Archer C2600

Hey guys,
I got a new TP-link Archer C2600 router today and decided to try LEDE on it. I installed it, and after playing around with configuration for a while, I ended up not liking. I tried to figure out how to go back to stock firmware, but unfortunately, there isn't much info on that. After searching around for hours, I finally found a way to copy the firmware to the router, ssh-ed into it and did a sysupgrade -F. I did that using latest TP link firmware for my router. After the firmware was installed, the router went into a reboot and the ssh session disconnected. The lights went off and didn't come back on (not sure how long). So I just powered it off, then back on.
Now, all the status lights on the router light up (lan, wan, usb, etc.), and nothing else happens. Is this thing bricked now? And if so, anyone knows how to unbrick it?

OK -- here is an update. I successfully reinstalled the stock firmware via tftp and the router appears to be functioning properly. Maybe I should have tried that first before posting a question -- sorry :-(. Well that's enough excitement for today. How do I mark a topic as solved or closed?