[Solved] Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Pro ERPro-8 - VLAN

The router info page states that there is no switch onboard for the vlan support. However the router is advertised as Layer 2 and some recent FW mentions vlan support (assume L3 then).
What does the HW actually provide?

BTW. This model is not very new but no need for 10Gb. Any sense looking for alternatives (e.g. MikroTik RB5009UG+S+IN)?


Those devices have 8 individually routed ports. All ports can support VLANs (like ethx.y where x is the eth port and y is the vlan id).

You can bridge ports together, but there is a potential performance degradation relative to keeping the ports separate. (On edgemax firmware, it does negatively impact performance - an external switch is recommended instead of bridging ports, but I cannot speak to the impact when using openwrt).

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