[Solved] TV stream by my provider Orange

I've talked about it elsewhere but here's the problem having found some information with another firmware ( PandoraBox ):

... -> UDP -> UDP -> UDP
not exist with OpenWRT firmware for TV stream

Would you know a solution ?

  • Are you asking how to install the tcpdump package?
  • Are you trying to setup an IGMP Proxy?
  • Are you trying to install a package called "TV Stream"?

It seems like you wish to install and configure the igmpproxy package.

finally i use PandoraBox ( run and not use igmpproxy )

compilation informations:

i have removed chinese pages , samba4 ( no many place in flash for add minidlna , luci-app-relayd )

i can use in relay/repeater mode my 2 * WR1200JS
Orange TV decoder
USB printer
minidlna ( for read videos with my TV's connected )

for compile PandoraBox the best is with 18.12 release

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sorry but i cannot edit the first post ( and others )

Ah, ok, those are the edit restrictions for trustlevel1 users.
I have added the Solved now for you, hope that's ok.

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