[Solved] Ttyd not found in list of packages

I have installed OpenWrt 18.06.4 r7808-ef686b7292 from bin file openwrt-18.06.4-ramips-mt7620-wt3020-8M-squashfs-factory on my little device nexx wt3020.
I updated list of packages, but I'm unable to find ttyd (and then luci-app-ttyd) to install it.
Thank for your suggestions.

my master and 18.06.4 have no luci-app-ttyd never heard of it.

master has ttyd. not 18 interestingly.

what makes you think they might be available? ( <17 guide? https://forum.openwrt.org/t/terminal-integration-in-luci-luci-app-ttyd/6614/4)

I have another OpenWrt ( LEDE Reboot 17.01.4) device where I have installed them.
Why are they not available in openWrt 18.06? Is it possible to install them anyway?

Surprisingly, I realized that ttyd has been removed from packages list. I don't understand why: ttyd together with luci-app-ttyd is one of the most useful packages.
How can I ask to reinsert it in the packes list?

The ttyd was not removed from packages in OpenWrt. It is still present in OpenWrt 18.06, 19.07 and master. You can take a look at openwrt/packages repository. But for all platforms in OpenWrt 18.06, it is not available due to compile issues, which was fixed in openwrt-19.07 and master, but they didn't get into 18.06. I asked if those fixes can be cherry-picked to 18.06.

Fixed thanks to @cotequeiroz. Package ttyd is now available and ready to be installed. :wink:

And what about luci-app-ttyd? without it, I donw know how to do.

After installing it, whatever I run ttyd command or ttyd bash in both cases when in the browser address bar I input router_ip:7681 I get execvp: no such file or directory.

Solved : I need to run it by: ttyd bash. I have another issue but I open another thread.

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