(Solved) Trouble with Logitech Harmony and OpenWrt

Hi guys, new user both in the forums and with the OpenWRT software.

I bought a Mikrotik RB2011 about a month ago but did not agree with the RouterOS, hence the swap to OpenWRT.

Got it to work as i wanted in a lab environment after much trial and error, so i swapped it into "production" so to speak.

Here's the problem, i have a Logitech Harmony hub and corresponding ultimate remote. I can't get that to work with the new router, it wanted to do a new setup with the Harmony app when i connected it to the new wifi. At first i couldn't even get it to connect, but disabled 5ghz on the AP then that worked. But now when the app tries it's setup i get two errors at different times, E2018, which is "no connection to server", and E1400, which is "server made an unexpected response".

I suspect i have overlooked something easy, but googling did not turn up anything useful, most of the topics i found was to get between VLANs, but as of now i only have the one LAN.

Edit: I should add that if i go back to the old router it works as intended.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Marked the topic as solved though i'm not sure it's totally true.

Did a workaround where i took back the old router with the same IP config (subnet) and SSID as the new one, did the whole setup on the Harmony including redoing all activities and devices, then switched back to the new router.

Works in everyday use, but i suspect any updates etc. won't work.

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