SOLVED: Trouble installing Python3-light with opkg

I recently updated my gl-inet Mango to the latest OpenWRT firmware (19.07) and I want to install python3 and dns_over_https on it. I am stuck at the installation of python3. I want to use the ipkg for python3-light available via opkg. I updated my feeds, but when I do:
$ opkg list |grep python
I get nothing although there are many packages.
I want to install python3-light, but I believe that the needed opkg feed is missing. I cannot figure out how to add this. I see /etc/opkg and its two config files, but I cannot figure out what to add to customfeeds
Any advice would be appreciated.


Tomorrow, I will try git cloning the source for the referenced package and building it locally...

Possibly related to Unable to access (502 Bad Gateway)

You were correct. The openwrt gateway problem was cause. I'd only downloaded some of the package references from The gateway problem must have been solved, because this morning, "opkg update && opkg install python3-light" worked perfectly.

Please consider this solved.

Thank you!

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