[SOLVED] TP-Link W8980B working? [SOLVED]

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I checked the TOH and I found the TP-Link W8980 working with the newest openwrt. I am from Germany and I tried to find such a device. What I only found is W8980B. Is that the same device? Does it work with OpenWrt?

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Honestly, if you're so very set on getting a Lantiq router/modem to run OpenWrt on ... get a Fritz!Box 3370. Less than €10 second-hand, same basic hardware (SoC/CPU), OpenWrt installation without having to solder, much more flash memory (the TP-Link's 8 MB is really limiting), and a wifi radio that can actually do 5 GHz (the TP-Link can't.) Just make sure you get a "revision 2."

Thx for the Info. What is "revision 2"?
How can I tell that the seller? I noticed that nearly nobody has even such version numbers from the tp links in the description...

AVM made a few revisions of the 3370, the first revision ("revision 1") is not compatible with Openwrt. Edit: Or at least noone officially tried it, but there are reports of it working anyway.

The revision is not marked on the label, but the production date is, encoded in the serial number: The first letter indicates the production year. And many sellers are including pictures of the label with their listing, so you can seek one from a later production. A device with a serial number starting with "D" (indicating a production year of 2013) is a good bet to receive a revision 2, an "E" (2014) is pretty much guaranteed to be. Skip the earlier ones with "B" (2011) and "C" (2012). (My 2013 "D" is a revision 2.)

By the way, that production year shows you how old the Lantiq hardware platform actually is, it's going well into 10+ years now. I don't know what you're expecting from the device, but as a router it will just barely, and with lots of sweating and aching, be able to handle a 100 mbit line.

I'm gonna use it as access point. Just to spread up my wifi.
You said "if you are so very set on a lantiq router..." I just want to get not too expensive devices to enlarge my wifi. For now I am using TP Link WA801ND but v2. And there I cannot install up to date openwrt.

That's a poor reason to choose any Lantiq device, they universally have horrible wifi support. The TP-Links don't have support for 5 GHz wifi; the Fritz 3370 can only do 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, but not both. None of them can do 802.11ac.

The one and only reason to get a Lantiq device is OpenWrt support for their built-in DSL modem.

I can possibly see that one might use a Lantiq device as an access point if it is otherwise collecting dust in a drawer. But as a purchase there are far better options.

True, but then for an access point, "up to date" OpenWrt is actually not really a huge priority. You want to be up to date on your router because it is exposed to the internet, standalone access points usually are not.

Ok thx for all the info. I just guess all of the better devices are way more expensive...

Not significantly, if at all. You'd probably look at something like €15 to €25, for a device that actually does an adequate job at what you want it to do. And cheap things come to those who wait.

Also, those are not only "better devices." A Lantiq device is seriously the worst possible choice for a dedicated access point. Literally any other platform would be better suited.

There is no listing on DeviWiki or TechInfoDepot for the "B".

Both are ADSL2+ router/modem combinations.

The "B" version is for the Annex B WAN interface (ADSL over ISDN).

You might start with the TP-Link datasheets for each device, and go from there.


Either way, not an ideal device for an access point.

You would only get 802.11n speed on 5 GHz

Edit: No 5 GHz support per 8980 hardware data page.

Ok thank you for your help! I call that solved.

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