[SOLVED] TP Link Archer C20: Does not work as Client after upgrade to 22.03

I am using a TP Link Archer C20 v5 with OpenWRT 21.02 that works as repeater in Client mode (WDS). My other device is a TP LInk Archer C7 v5 with OpenWRT 21.02.

After upgrade the TP Link Archer C20 v5 to OpenWRT 22.03 with keeping the configuration the repeater is not longer working. The WLAN is up for 2.4 and 5 GHz, but I think it does not connect to the TP Link C7.

I would like to figure out if it is a bug in 22.03 for the C20 device. If I downgrade to 21.02 the C20 is working again.

What informations I have to collect so we can work on this problem?

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It seems to be a bug:

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