[Solved] TL-WR902AC v3 update list not working

so I connect LAN port to PC and go into the router settings with I click the update list to install relayd but cannot download because I am not connected to the internet? I am clueless with setting up openwrt.

Is it your only router, and is it facing internet?

I want to setup a repeater with my travel router, and use hotspots in hotels. My main router is an xfinity router and I connect wifi on my PC. router is down in the basement that's why I want to repeat the signal.

Repeater how? As wireless client or using cable?

Repeat wifi signal from my main router. When I install openwrt, wifi is disabled by default and the only way I can go to wr902ac travel router settings is with LAN. My router has only 1 LAN/wan port. openwrt forums says I need relayd package but I cannot update the list.

Assuming it's not an IP issue, you need to change the default gateway, and add a name server.

As in TP-Link Re450 V2 bricked after flashing stripped original firmware - #5 by Lucky2k

Until you've configured your wireless radios you can only connect using an ethernet cable & DHCP.

Do that & go to Network > Wireless. There you should see 4 entries under Wireless Overview. Two are headed "MediaTek MT76x8 802.11bgn" & "MediaTek MT7610E 802.11acn". Click the Scan button next to one of those (...acn if the router you're connecting to supports 5G, ...bgn otherwise) to initiate connecting to your other router. When you've completed that, click Save & Apply at the bottom of the page. Once it refreshes you should see your other router under Associated Stations. There will also be a new entry under Wireless Overview. Your WR902AC can now connect to the outside world.

Now go to the other 2 entries under Wireless Overview & click edit on each in turn to configure your 2.4G & 5G base stations. When you've configured them click Save & Apply again. Once you've done those you should be able to connect to them & do away with the ethernet.

i go into luci interface then wireless then scan to find my wifi which i think is the client then i set up a master to connect my phone to but i cannot get internet still. i need to update the list to download relayd to repeat the wifi signal. when i go into lan interface and try to change my ipv4 address it doesnt apply at all just roll back. i think i need to manual update list on cli but i dont know how at all.

I have solved this problem with the update list. Thank you all for helping i appreciate it. i want to repeat a wifi signal throughout my house with the router wr902ac and i am having trouble getting internet on it.

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