[Solved] TL-WR841N how to return from lede to ddwrt?

I want to go straight from lede to ddwrt through web gui, will i encounter any problems doing this?

Even if it might sound inconvenient, you do want to go through the OEM software for changes like this (at least if you have to ask).

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So i have to go to the tplink firmware, it's better you're saying
But i don't have that stripped firmware for 841n
What should i do?

And BTW there's a files to revert from Ddwrt forum
Do you think those are stripped firmwares?

You can prepare a stripped stock firmware yourself with dd or a hex editor. All that needs to be done is remove the first 512 bytes (header) and 128k bootloader image, a total of 131584 bytes.

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I don't know how to do it
And i don't have a computer
Can you please help me with it
It's important

Thanks i found a stripped firmware
Here it is *Stripped firmware for TL-WR841N v8; v9; v10; v11:
All i have to do now is flash from the web gui right?

I would not use something from some unknown OneDrive location.

FriedZombie's site is the better option for stripped TP-Link firmware, if you can find your model and version number. Not all are included...


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I checked that website
My model in not there
So i don't have another option but to use this because i don't know how to do it myself
But i didn't get it from unknown onedrive
it was a YouTube video so i guess it's good to use
BTW thank you

But now i only have to go to webgui and flash it right?

The TL-WR841N is on FriedZombie.

All of the version numbers you listed above are available, except v11.

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Yep, that's mine V11 hehe

I'm not going to say go ahead with the OneDrive firmware.

Even though your router is not bricked, this tutorial can be used to revert to stock firmware, and works for several other TP-Link routers -

For your router, download the stock TP-Link firmware file and rename it wr841v11_tp_recovery.bin

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Thanks for your help but i don't have a computer right now, so i guess it's my only choice :worried:

I'll tell you what happens after i flash
But remind me do i need to do anything but flashing through web gui?

That's it.

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It worked man
Thank you

here is a stripped one for the 841n v13. https://cloud.disroot.org/s/oksmiAS4iM9mx7D

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