[Solved] Things OpenWrt wiki does that LEDE wiki doesn't (yet)

A couple mysteries about the LEDE Wiki that work differently from OpenWrt:

  • In LEDE, we see a <title> of toh:start [LEDE Wiki]; in OpenWrt, we see Table of Hardware [OpenWrt Wiki]. It would be nice to allow the page's heading to appear in the <title>

  • In LEDE's ToH, the Device Page column contents are the full URL. OpenWrt shows the "router name" - that's better.

  • In OpenWrt, going to ...foldername will redirect to foldername:start if start exists in that folder. Makes for nicer URLs. (e.g., https://wiki.lede-project.org/docs would go to the top level doc page, instead of inviting me to create it.)

Just in case we're running short of things to think about...

Update: Changed title of the topic

Done. The setting which enables this is not obvious (useheading must be set to "Navigation only").

In OpenWrt, Devicepages are internal links. In LEDE, OpenWrt Devicepages are external links. That's the reason. LEDE devicepages - once they are created - will show up with internal links.

Redirects can be created as needed. I added some redirects now; please let me know if any other redirects are needed.

Excellent. Thanks!

To close the loop: Devicepages have been imported into the new wiki now and are showing up as short internal links.